• Yin Zhen "Silver Velvet Needles"


    Silver Needle or Bai Hao Yin Zhen or usually just Yin Zhen is the most prized style amongst the Chinese white teas as only top buds (leaf shoots) of the camelia sinensis plant are selectively collected just prior to fully opening, while covered in fine white velvet like hairs and utilized in the production of this particular the tea.

    Our new crop of house white is more than measuring up to our usual expectations in flavor, fragrance and effect while my favorite flavor to color Empath has attuned the nuance profile as that of quietly reflecting Indigo, the color of intuition, perception and the higher mind.

    Steeping suggestions:  Boil 12 oz. of distilled water,...(optimizing the osmotic gradient and diffusion capacity of your efforts enhancing the quality and beneficial impact of your brew)...,  cool to ~175*F while placing ~4.0 g of loose tea buds in your favorite brewing device, gently cover the tea with water covering to steep for ~3-4 mins. during the first steep with ~4-5 mins. for second and third steeping's.  The fourth steeping's usually are shared with my English Ivy plants and the leaves then with the garden.

    Enjoy in Good Health!