Tre Geisha stainless steel, artistic paper print, double lidded airtight designer tea cannister.


Tre Geisha double lidded, airtight designer canister measures volumetrically 6” high by 3” in diameter and will do justice to any of your favorite items in particular those botanicals of a steepable, edible or smokable nature.

To seek out the finest of Earths bounty is an opportunity bestowed upon us all now being practiced by more and more health conscious individuals each day.  In order to deservingly maintain both the form and integrity of gifts acquired through The Natural Order, it’s probably only fair that we respectfully store and care for them appropriately.


Over time most have found that the lower the percentage of surface area exposed to the air the longer a product, in general, with maintain its purposefulness.  We maintain all of our products in the size and form they are received, keep them in airtight containers and cut or resized them   only as they are needed.