Organic Green Cherry Rooibos



Our Best Selling Green Cherry Rooibos, presents as a Caffeine Free Organic Botanical Blend with  an option for a Japanese steamed sencha green tea accent. 

Built on a foundation of Organic African Green Rooibos and green sencha tea with attributes of dried cherry, elderberry, rose hips & petals, hibiscus, wood betony, lemon balm, passion flower, strawberry, marshmallow and raspberry leaves with an ending pinch of damiana leaf.

Neither over stimulating nor sedate by nature, the nutritionally synergistic functional profile lends, most particularly, a supportive and calming digestif  effect accentuated by  anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging, and circulatory enhancing characteristics enveloped within a multi nuanced, fragrant, flavorful and visual reflection.