• Organic Green Cherry, Cedar, Sage Navajo Tea {Special Rezerve Blend}


    Our Signature general support blend begins with Ceremoniously Wild Harvested stems, leaves and flowered parts of the Greenthread Herb (Thelesperma spp.) representing a variety of yellow flowered, self sowing, short lived/perennial species used to brew a Traditional beverage tea.

    As it may contain particular anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects, the herb is often utilized medicinally by several Native American tribes, particularly throughout the southwest, while reflectively taking on the name of each community enjoying its attributes.    

    (Apache, Cota, Hopi, Navajo and Zuni Tea all refer to the same tea in our shops)

    Beyond the foundation of Green Thread herb are attributes of broken Chuska mountain cedar berry and leaf, dried cherry, elderberry, San Francisco Peak Juniper seeds, hibiscus, raspberry, wood betony, lemon balm, blackberry,  passion flower, strawberry, marshmallow and Austrian raspberry leaves, northeastern nettle, pau d' arco and cats claw inner barks, rose hips and petals with an accentual pinch of damiana leaf.