• Full Leaf Oolong ~40% Oxidation Level


    The benefits of Oolong Tea have been well-known for many generations of people in the Orient but has only been relatively recently recognized by people in the West.

    Oolong Tea, also sometimes spelled as Wu Long Tea, comes from the camellia sinensis plant which is the source of all true teas. However, oolong tea undergoes some degree of oxidation or fermentation that consequently places it between the green and black tea varieties. Oohttp://teapursuit.com/tea-guide/oolong-tea/long tea ranges from 10% to 70% oxidation.


    Steeping suggestion:  16.0 Oz. of ~190*F water to ~4.0g of loose tea for ~4.0-5.0 mins will yield a distinctively fragrant, typically amber hued liquor with characteristic overtones of fine, full bodied moderately oxidized oolongs pairing well with spicy Asian dishes when Hot and caramel cinnamon Native grown popcorn when iced.

    *Quite likely the most thermogenic of tea types and consequently found in most of our personal weight management blend recipes.