• Organic Chinese White Monkey Green Tea


     White monkey tea is a type of green tea that is cultivated in the Taimu Mountains of the Northern Fujian province of China. The leaves of the white monkey tea are large, have white-colored tips, and are covered in a fine and fuzzy layer of hair.

    White monkey tea is typically plucked between the first and fourth week of April, that is during early spring season. Only the tip buds and one leaf are plucked and low withered, maintaining the white down. These young leaves of the white monkey tea are then meticulously gathered and manually shaped into an appearance that is bent, stout and brimming with white tips all over.

    The Northern Fujian region is known for the high quality teas that it produces. This is mainly due to its conducive climate that combines mild temperatures with plentiful rainfall and high elevations.


    Steeping suggestion:  16.0 Oz. of ~175*F water to  ~3.0g of loose tea for  ~3.0-4.0 mins will yield a quietly fragrant, mellow golden liquor with clear yet refined vegetal undertones characteristic of fine green teas.