"Fine Teas and More"

Helping people across the Southwest to Eat Healthy, Live Right and Stay Well through Culturally Lateral Collaboration, Awareness, Science and Nature.

The past twenty years have seen our research and             development support systems strategically seeking out and acquiring the world's finest natural, organic and fair trade ingredients from a vast array of Native, domestic and  international sources in an effort to provide, to those  so inclined, a diverse collection of goods and services designed to enhance, integrate, and transcend the biologic and psychosocial nature of the contemporary Human Spirit we all share. 


Artisan Hand Crafted
Small Batch Blends

Unparalleled quality

We offer unsurpassed detail in the strategic sourcing, research and development of our custom designed, artisan hand crafted small batch botanical and tea blends. 

Please feel free to contact us to if considering a personalized functionally objective custom blend from our selection of fifty or so teas and our formulary of well over a hundred herbs and spices.

It is our sincere wish that you may find some of our extraordinary product line comfortably suited to your objective lifestyle choices and become a member of our family of friends